• Ken Stiffler

Bricks in the Wall - Window Advertising

Get shade and a full color message at the same time!

50/50 Perforated Window Film is a product we print on that lets you put colorful graphics on the outside of your windows while folks inside can still see out just fine!

The image accompanying this post shows the MCTV Aveo from both the outside and from the inside!

Examples of 50/50 on cars! (Allows designers to make full continuous use of the vehicle as a canvass, thus making the graphics & imagery more dynamic!)

Flickr Photo of Wooster Power Deisel

Examples of 50/50 on regular/display windows: Autoworks American Nails

These provide a great value, balancing cost and exposure! Give us a call today and we can get your window film started! 330-262-8838!

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