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Capturing the Smartphone Generation

Business people are caught in a pickle these days between shifting demographics of the aging baby boomer population and the up and coming generation of consumers. The former group is enjoying their golden years if they are lucky...if not they're greeting at Wal-Mart. The latter is a whole new creature that sellers are wholly not sure about. "I don't know about this generation" has never been spoken more.

This younger generation of consumers expects information immediately and gratification even faster. These "Smartphoners" walk around with their faces cast in a blue glow from their hypnotic tiny screens. You've seen them nearly walk into traffic, into poles and into other pedestrians.

So how do we engage them? I contend that one method is the floor graphic. And not just any floor graphic, but one that includes a QR code that they can scan.

What do most retail floors look a word, blah. Plain tile has been the norm in most retail stores for decades. Most clothing stores will be carpeted, but step outside and it's more tile or concrete. The point being that while the Smartphoner is looking down at his hand held device there is nothing intriguing in their line of site to catch their eye.

Engage them with floor graphics of products appealing to them. Engage the Smartphoner kids who follow their parents around like zombies with a QR Code Quiz, or better yet a product coupon. Bored Smartphoners may even be willing to answer survey questions which can be raw unfiltered golden data for formulating future business strategies.

Don't wast the space! When you have opportunities like the one shown below, for heaven sake don't waste it!

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