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Bricks in the Wall - Which would you NOTICE?

It's 2014! A New Year! A new budget! A clean slate! Time for a gut check!


Why are you in business? (Is there a charitable logo on your front door? No? Then the answer is to make money.)

Why do you put a sign on your building? Why do you spend money on advertising & marketing? The answer to both goes back to the first make money.

We used to "brand" cattle to show ownership. Marketing folks have adopted the term, so now "Is your company vehicle branded?" is a fancy way of saying "Is your company logo on your truck or car?"

Your vehicle is a rolling billboard and Sign Design can help you make the most of it!

The average commute time in Wayne County is just over 20 minutes* as you drive your rolling billboard to work for that 20 minutes do you pass any other cars or trucks that represent potential customers?

In 2012 there were over 127,000 registered vehicles in Wayne County*. This is double edged data because those drivers and passengers are out there to see you and your visually branded vehicle. The other edge is that you have to stand out amongst all of these vehicles...which is where we come in!


What image are you trying to convey to current and potential customers? Take a look at the shows a rendition of a common magnetic sign on one vehicle and a fully branded wrap on the other. Both of these represent a marketing investment into the respective businesses. Both expect returns on this investment, however those returns will be drastically different.

Quality Real Estate Services puts forth an image that they are frugal on marketing, they are a small operation and they are pretty modest. This image will be attractive to some customers because they think it means they won't be charged as much. The reality is that dramatically fewer potential customers will even see or notice their message.

RE/MAX needed to pop in any setting, so when Sign Design began creating the artwork we used dynamic colors with huge graphics and we incorporated 50/50 perforated window film to provide a continuous image across the canvass/vehicle. By oversizing the RE/MAX name on the side is increases visibility and readablility dramatically. By using bold colors the vehicle stands out in a crowd. The image put forth by this RE/MAX wrap is polished and professional and will attract clients that want polished and professional and may be willing to pay a little more to get that quality of service and expertise.

Take a look at the two vehicles pictured....which is going to get noticed? Which will turn heads? Which one says quality? Which one has an identifiable brand? Which is more eye catching? Which looks more professional? Which looks low budget?

Our local economy is as strong as it's been in several years and both consumers and businesses are releasing their death grip on dollars in their coffers. Businesses are looking for the same things they always look for...greater value on investments, increased margins on sales and to attract more customers in general. The wiser, luckier or more advanced businesses have weathered the storms and are positioning themselves to attract better customers instead of just more.


We are the answer. We make amazing on a daily basis and we can do the same for you and your business! Give us a call at 330-262-8838 to schedule a consultation. We will evaluate and propose solutions that will help to produce results for your business. Success is a team effort! Let us be part of your team in 2014!

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