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We want to be a partner in your success! Take a look at the samples of our work and you will be convinced that we are THE shop to design and produce your next sign, wrap your next vehicle or print your next trade show banner!

Sign Design Wooster, Inc.​

Sign Design Wooster, Inc. is a National Award Winning sign company located in Wooster, Ohio. We offer innovative and versatile design in the fabrication of many different types of signs. Our staff will work closely with you in the planning and design of a sign that is in your budget and will exceed your expectations. Our designs have helped hundreds of businesses increase sales with a professional business identity. Our services include a complete line of signage combining old world techniques with modern technology. From hand lettering and gold leaf to computer-cut vinyl letters and digital prints, our staff will create a sign that will set you apart from the competition. 




The "official" beginning of Sign Design was September 18th, 1981 when Ken Stiffler sold his first sign to a Dentist in New Philadelphia.  Ken started out with two cans of paint and three paint brushes because in 1981 there were no digital printers, no vinyl cutters and no computerized layout software.  At that time sign painting was still an art, now it's nearly a lost art.  We now refer to that original sign painting process as "First Generation" sign making.  


In the 90's the advent of vinyl cutters and design software greatly expanded Sign Design's capabilities.  This period is now referred to as "Second Generation" sign making.  


Now we have full color digital printing, or "Third Generation" sign making.  The dynamic graphics this process allows is truly state of the art and we love the lack of limits that we now face.

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