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Year End Tax Benefits for Branding!

Realize all of your tax benefits!

With the end of the calendar year rapidly approaching many business owners are scrambling to maximize their tax benefits. One tax firm includes purchasing vehicles as a way to take full advantage of certain tax benefits (see link at bottom.)

When you buy that new truck, bring it to us right away for branding. We'll do our best to get it completed on or before December 31st so you can realize all of the tax benefit (vehicle AND branding graphics). If you're considering a partial or full wrap please call us right away so we can get to work on the layout.

Depending on how much you do a branding job can range from hundreds to thousands, and so go the tax benefits. Below are a couple of examples of Sign Design customer jobs, visit our Vehicle Graphics page for a wide variety of vehicle branding projects we've done!

If you already have a plain white panel van, please do everyone a favor (especially yourself) and come in and let us put your brand on it.

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