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Bricks in the Wall: Best Advertising Value is Fleet Marketing

The Bottom Line of Fleet Marketing: UNBEATABLE VALUE!

Advertising is measured in terms of "impressions".

An "advertising impression" is simply a person seeing your message. Newspaper ads are placed DAILY. Billboards run monthly. Radio runs monthly.

Fleet Marketing is "bought" once, then accumulates impressions for the period the vehicle is on the road.

After some research I've found the figure of 600 impressions per mile driven from several sites that sell wraps, so I rooted deeper and was able to find some better research to reference and share. Third party data tends to be a bit more trustworthy than when facts are just spouted by the sales staff.

This MUCH older study came from an unexpected source (Legacy Tobacco Documents): LINK to PDF of the research study

This page has some interesting stats at the bottom, but I've been unable to confirm through the sited source. Another page citing that "600 impressions per mile driven" without attribution of where the info came from.

This 2013 White Paper by Wheels re-inforces the tremendous value of Fleet Branding & Marketing.

For a great example of the difference between Fleet Branding & Fleet Marketing click here -->

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