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Bricks in the Wall: All that tech and yet...

I found this article an interesting justification of an old media (Out-of-Home, aka Billboards) and at the same time a staggering indictment on tech by tech itself.

The (albeit brief) article simply tells what's going on in Silicon Valley...which is Tech Companies are using billboards (and spending a lot on them) to attract talent.

Conventional wisdom would say if you want to attract a techy employee you'd troll for them online (you know...where techy people spend most of their time.) Why wouldn't they spend all those dollars on "clicks" or "loads" or "impressions" on websites frequented by tech talent? Because online ads don't work for this niche of skilled labor. Programmers don't click banner ads...ever. In fact, I don't know anyone that ever clicks on a banner or margin ad.

If you've clicked on ANY banner, header or margin ad in the last 30 days, please let me know what it was for in the comments below!

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