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Top 5 reasons to use REFLECTIVE!

5 Reasons to do your on-premise sign in REFLECTIVE!

1) No electricity to your sign? No problem for REFLECTIVE!

Save big bucks by NOT having to run power to your sign. Save more bucks on NOT having to install lights.

2) Burned out light bulb? Never with REFLECTIVE!

Most light bulbs diminish in their output over time then eventually burn out completely. Reflective is always on and never requires a bulb change.

3) No monthly electric bill!

Your reflective sign is illuminated by the headlights of passing cars, and they are not going to send you a bill for the use of their headlights!

4) Reflective signs will show up in the darkness evenly and brightly!

Uneven pools of light means the wrong type of lights were installed. Never with REFLECTIVE! IF you are going to utilize electric lights, then you need to use the right ones...QUARTZ lights provide even light across the sign.

5) Be Seen!

Why have a sign? What is the purpose? To be seen. Make your store name, company name or message be seen 24/7! Unless of course you prefer 18/7 at a higher cost. Capture all of the eyes that go by...not just the ones that go by during the day.

Sign Design Integrated Solutions Coordinator Dustin Gray will assess your signage needs and if REFLECTIVE is the right solution, he'll let you know. It might not be, but can you afford NOT to maximize that natural resource that brings customers passed your location?

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