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Bricks in the Wall - Sign Peeve

This Brick in the Wall falls into my "Sign Peeve" category. In this category business owners, managers or stewards are acting in counter to business common sense.

Before I delve into my first Sign Peeve I have ask my favorite recurring question...WHY? Why are you in business? For fun? No, to make money. Second, why did you put a sign in front of your store? To draw business, of course.

So for my first trick I'll ask what seems simple and obvious...If you pay to have a sign made and installed in front of your store then WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PLANT 3' TALL FLOWERS IN FRONT OF YOUR SIGN???????

For the love of all things holy, please stop!!! If you like flowers, that's fine but plant them in a spot that WON'T OBSTRUCT YOUR SIGN!!! If you like shrubs, super! Plant them in the back...plant them along your walk way...plant them anywhere BUT IN FRONT OF YOUR SIGN THAT HELPS DRAW IN YOUR BUSINESS AND THUS YOUR PAYCHECK!!!

I guess what I am really asking is for floks to apply some common sense to the landscaping around their business signs. That's all.

You might ask why I haven't included some photos of these might even accuse me of making all of this up. Well, the fact is that I don't want to rank out my fellow business collegues by posting photos of their signs that peeve me. If you're wondering whether you're an offender just walk out and look. If you can't tell, call us. We'll be happy to pass judgement on your stuff from a safe distance.

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