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Bricks in the Wall - A-Frames

TOP 5 Reasons A-Frames should be part of your marketing game plan!

1) Durable - These new plastic style will stand up to any weather!

2) Portable - Make this item work hard by using it for any event you can!

3) Polished - These newer styles of A-Frames aren't your Dad's sandwich boards made with a couple of hings and some plywood. These stay new looking and with an occasional wash down continue to look great! The old plywood A-Frames always had crusty rusty looking hinges and the plywood eventually separated and failed.

4) Updating is easy - Once we print a new panel it literally takes a screwdriver and ten minutes to swap out your whole message on your A-Frame!

5) Inexpensive - With its durability the A-Frame will continue to go down in overall cost because you'll be able to re-use it over and over. These units are generally 2-sided and are reasonably priced at $275 (which includes your finished printed message installed and ready for the sidewalk!) We have a couple different ways to update the message on your A-Frame depending on your needs with prices ranging from $85 to 185.

Call us today, we normally carry a couple of these in stock and if you're in a pinch we can have one "on the sidewalk" for you within a couple of days! 330-262-8838

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