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Bricks in the Wall - Practical Marketing

The term "Practical Marketing" is specifically refers to marketing or advertising done with a working knowledge production methods that will be involved. Some marketers will blindly approach projects without concern for the production costs (afterall, the customer will be paying for the production, right?)

Practical Marketing is a strength of Sign Design because we know the production processes and how drastically those different processes will affect the cost. What this means is that we will match the product to the budget better than an ivory tower agency type of approach that just looks at a concepts without considering production.

We work with a couple of clients that know far more than we do regarding graphics and text on vehicles...they know more than us becuase they handle 8-10 vehicles per year (compared to our 200 per year). We've tried to explain the ins and outs of applying vinyl to vehicles and our message seems to go in one ear and out the other, so we do the best we can and keep them rolling.

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