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Bricks in the Wall - Logo is birth of a brand!

What constitutes a "logo?" Think about some of the most well known brands, then think of those logos. Some are more of an icon while other logos are composed of stylized text while still others will have a combination of an image and text. The Wikipedia definition of "logo" is great! Reference Dictionary definition is good too.

The goal is to create a logo that (as defined) promotes ready public recognition of products, services or property. The logo becomes the symbol or icon of your "brand." The point is you need to take your logo seriously and a good one is worth every penny.

Yes, your logo worth all the fuss. Think about all of the places that your logo will appear...your business cards, website, clothing, signage, vehicles, advertising of all permeates all of your marketing efforts, so your logo needs to be good.

The logo is the primary cornerstone of all marketing and advertising efforts from the very beginning. When evaluating your logo there are some key questions you need to ask yourself (be it an existing logo or one being developed):

  • Is it eye catching?

  • Is it readable?

  • Does the logo convey WHAT YOU DO visually?

  • What image does the logo project? (What image would you like for it to project?)

  • Is the logo relevant to the company or entity that it represents?

  • Is it relevent to our times?

  • Does image outside match the inside (or your store/restaurant/shop)?

  • Does it work in both black & white and in color?

The moral of the story is make sure you give your logo the proper level of attention because it really is THAT important!

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